The issue for the Union des Côtes de Bordeaux is to explain the specific characters of the Côtes de Bordeaux to marketers and to inspire consumers with the new AOCs. To do this, the Union des Côtes Bordeaux works hand in hand with growers and merchants to the promote the new French appellation throughout the world thanks to an aggressive action plan. A proactive strategy that has already shown positive results.


Sales review 

4th red wine AOC in France, the Côtes de Bordeaux is a major actor on the French market. For export, the promotional activities in priority markets (around forty per year) are bearing their first fruits. Since the creation of the appellation, the export market share has gone from 11 to 22%, allowing the Union des Côtes to come closer to its objective: to catch up with the average export percentage for Bordeaux wines (40% of production).
Over all the volumes exported, 41% are to Europe, especially the Belgian and German markets (2nd and 5th export markets). Countries where the Union maintains its presence each year. Outside Europe, it is Asia that remains a destination of choice for the wines of the Côtes de Bordeaux: in China and Hong Kong, 1st export market, but also in Japan. Not to forget the United States, a market with great potential for the wines of the Côtes.


The Press: a strategic challenge

Conscious of the importance of opinion leaders, the Union des Côtes de Bordeaux is strengthening its activities with French and international media. Conferences, press lunches and tastings for journalists from the entire world will be repeated, while the use of advertorial inserts will be increased. "We are increasingly developing this format to offer good media exposure to our growers. "It allows us to present our appellations and our activities, but above all to place the right emphasis on each wine selected," says Aurélie Lascourrèges, in charge of Press Relations. "We are also working on new press trips, to offer real discovery of our appellations and meetings with the growers, for French and international media."

Training, a major line of promotion

"It is the role of our organisation to make our wines better known among buyers and importers in our target countries," Stéphane Héraud reminds us. To help achieve this, many masterclasses will once again be organised this year in export markets. Much appreciated by professionals, they are an excellent means  for the merchants and growers present to increase their visibility and secure new contacts. Among those organised in 2017: Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Chengdu...


International fairs, an indispensable meeting place for the Côtes

Having participated in the main wine and spirit fairs in the world for several years, the Côtes de Bordeaux will be increasing its presence with dedicated stands. "It is essential that we should be visible during events that bring together decision makers from around the world," says Patricia Zabalza, Director of the Union des Côtes de Bordeaux. In 2017, the Côtes will therefore be present at Prowein and the Hong Kong Wine Fair. Always in the presence of producers and with a Free Tasting area. "The presence of growers and merchants allows us to emphasise our close-knit nature, which makes up part of the essence of the Côtes de Bordeaux," adds Patricia Zabalza.


Côtes de Bordeaux brands, an asset to boost export performance

Announced at the creation of the Union des Côtes de Bordeaux, the development of commercial brands in the generic Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, to gain market share in export, is gaining ground. In 2015, initiatives to remind professionals of the interest of offering a Côtes wine have been multiplied. "In particular, this was the purpose of our evening event last April: a reminder that we have a clear strategy on this subject, namely that the generic Côtes de Bordeaux appellation exists so that merchants can create branded wines, while the individual appellations have priority for château wines," says Stéphane Héraud. "Since then, we have held meetings with merchants to discuss with them the potential offered by a Côtes de Bordeaux brand. New projects should see the light of day." A re-found dynamic with merchants: "We are ready to study any partnership to develop the visibility of the Côtes."






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